• Facebook Help You Say Thanks
  • Wieden + Kennedy show 'The Other Side Of Honda'
  • Kit Kat & Google's sweet deal
  • Woolworths Tribute To Nelson Mandela
  • Hootsuite Game Of Thrones

New Twitter feature: share tweets via DM

Twitter has officially given users the ability to share tweets via Direct Message. This new feature essentially makes tweets between the use [...]

Facebook Help You Say Thanks

Facebook recently announced a new initiative that follows on from its wildly popular ‘Look Back’ videos. This time Facebook is a [...]

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Promotion Fires Up.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is upon us. Cue the onslaught of promotional campaigns created by its official partners, sponsors, and those hoping [...]

Analytics & The Power Of Data

We recently came across an old article with an interesting anecdote on how American retail chain Target figured out a teen girl was pregnant [...]

Hootsuite’s Social Game Of Thrones Video

The hootsuite team recently revealed their social version of Game of Throne’s opening sequence. Is Facebook Kings Landing or does that [...]

Woolworths Tribute To Nelson Mandela

Of the all the Brands that gave tribute to Nelson Mandela, Woolworths seemed to be closest to getting it right. However this is a double edg [...]

WWP Acquires Majority Stake in Cerebra

Cerebra is proud to announce the sale of a majority stake in the business to leading global communications services company, WPP. The deal [...]

Volvo Dynamic Steering Or Epic Split?

Volvo attempted to demonstrate the stability and precision of dynamic steering with Jean Claude Van Damme. Instead they demonstrated that Je [...]

Adobe Creative Days Campaign

Watch as artist Erik Johannsen composites unsuspecting subjects at a Stockholm bus stop for Adobe’s Creative Days campaign. A simple c [...]

Big brands changing the youth marketing landscape

For the fourth year in a row, BlackBerry took home top honours in the 2013 Student Village Makoya Youth Awards after winning The REAL MAKOYA [...]

Loeries 2013: Integrated Campaign Winners

Our favourite category at the Loeries is undoubtedly the integrated campaigns category. A interesting place where one often finds creative u [...]

Amstel Lager puts their new ad in the hands of consumers. Literally.

To celebrate the success of their new TV ad, “The Chef”, Amstel Lager is giving consumers a chance to enjoy it like never before. Turnin [...]

Co Branding: Kit Kat and Google’s Sweet Deal

Google has ended months of online speculation about the name of the latest version of its Android mobile operating system by revealing it wi [...]

Brand South Africa Appoints New Agency

Johannesburg, 30 August 2013 - Brand South Africa is pleased to announce that McCann Worldgroup has been appointed as its through-the-line [...]

Infographic : Building Engaged Audiences

We believe the Holy Grail of Brand Building is creating thriving  communities around your brand. Think about it,pop culture has many exampl [...]

New Savanna Advert: Big Watch

Savanna’s new ‘time-less’ advert. Tell us what you think? - The Mononym. [...]

A MAZE. / Johannesburg –2nd International Media & Games Festival in Africa

After the successful kick off in 2012, A MAZE  is back in Johannesburg from Thursday 5 to Saturday 7 of September, 2013. With more than thi [...]

Viral : From One Second To The Next

American telecommunications company AT&T recently embarked on a campaign against texting and Driving titled ‘It Can Wait’. T [...]

Case Study: VW Brazil Zoom Campaign

In 2011, BBDO Brazil created this groundbreaking Twitter Zoom Campaign for VW Fox. To date we’ve seen a number of campaigns using soci [...]

Honda Tribute To Ayrton Senna: The Power Of Dreams

Honda recently paid tribute to Ayrton Senna by using light and sound to replicate one of Senna’s most legendary races at Suzuka circui [...]

Case Study: Droga5, Microsoft Bing & Pop Culture Power

The Mononym team lives on the principle of sound fundamentals. This dictates that regardless of what brand communication tools and channels [...]

You’ve Got To See This: Blink To Download

We recently came across this great piece of content from Telkom Mobile, a brand that will have an interesting time living up to the expectat [...]

Best Royal Birth Ad: Carling It’s A Boy

Unless you’ve adopted the Amish way of life, you’re probably well aware of the British Royal birth which took place recently. Na [...]

Nando’s Walk The Fine Line Well With Ramadan Print Ad

  Creating communication around anything religious can often be a mine-field for brands. Often brand managers run the risk of spending [...]

You Saw It Here First: Amstel ‘The Boxer’ Follow Up, The Chef.

The Mononym team managed to get the jump on Amstel’s new television commercial due to go live tomorrow. Take a look and let us know wh [...]

Dove does it again with the ‘Camera Shy’ commercial.

The follow up to the Titanium Grand Prix winning ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign won Ogilvy London a Golden Lion for their effo [...]

Old Spice Respond To Nando’s

We recently brought your attention to Nando’s rendition of Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign. Despite it b [...]

Nando’s Create Their Own Version of Old Spice Ad

Nando’s recently released an interesting spoof on Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign which wen [...]
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